The Echoes of Silence. You Must Look to See Us

Beauty is where we try to overlook it. Deaf children are a part of our society. They enjoy life alongside us. They are normal, firstly – because they were born within the grand design of the world. God made them. He defines the norm, not the society, prey to its passions and disgusting desires. The main challenge falls with the parents who have to make a tough decision. They also fall into the category of “the weird and the abnormal”, just because they accept “the weird and the abnormal” into their lives. It’s as if they follow the message of a book, somewhat important to mankind: “Do not forget the strangeness, for through it, some, without knowing, have given hospitality to Angels”. The society does not need to love them. Let it remain with the parents. However, accepting their daily lives and not standing in their way is a possibility.