The peronal exhibiton “Rhizomes” from July 5 to 29, 2018 at the Palace of Art in Minsk.

I invite to see and take part in the project about the identity “Rhyzomes” (“Rhizomes. We”, “Rhizomes. City”, “Family”, “Petrykor”, audio-visual and interactive).  Write a word that has a special meaning for you and become a part of the project.

Opening on July 5 at 5 pm

Monologues of project participants



Sula. The Continuous – 2

The research exhibition. Quiet, like a whisper, reaching the depth of heritage memories, like an incantation of an old hedge-witch. An exhibition of black-and-white film photographs.

From April 21 to May 10, 2017 at the Museum of Theatre and Music Culture History (The Freemasonry House). Minsk



The exhibition of works by the finalists of the “National Award in the Field of Visual Arts” competition, approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus.

From April 18 to May 21, 2017 at the National Museum of Modern Art. Minsk