The title of a new photography project I’m working on. Within it, I consider the nature of identity, who we are, the crux of our lives, what’s on our minds – in other words, a slice of the present. Write a word that has a special meaning for you and become a part of the project.

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The Month of Photography Awards.

The third place in the nomination “A Photographer of the Year” was shared between Maryna Batsiukova, with her “Sula. The Continuous” project, and Anton Matolka. Maryna Basiukova’s album “One’s Stories” took second place in the “Publication of the Year” nomination. According to the organizer, Andrei Levkevich, more than 50 private and public cultural institutions gave their opinion on the most significant projects of 2016, which were nominated for the awards. The winners were chosen based on the amount of author mentions.