The exhibition “In ZOOM” July 7 – October 24, 2020 at the Labyrinth Gallery of the National Library of Belarus.

Through space and time: we invite you to the photo exhibition “In zoom”

The exhibition presents photos taken as part of the project “Their own Stories”, which is dedicated to the relationship of photographs with their natural environment. Since 2016, the publication “Their own Stories” – a printed embodiment of the project of the same name – has been presented in museums and galleries in Belarus, Poland and Israel. The book is in libraries in Russia, Slovakia, Lithuania, France, Sweden, Finland, Japan and other countries. There are several copies in the fund of the National Library of Belarus.

“Their own Stories” are exhibited in conjunction with individual black-and-white photographs. The plot sketches of emotions seem to return to the process of creating retro photos and sound in unison with the project.

Each work is a deep, multi-level story recorded by the author. Space and time can be transcended through the lens of the artist and the imagination of the artist. To see the known and the ordinary in a different perspective, the unknown to feel very clear and close.